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Just sayin hello

bigdavevwbigdavevw Posts: 213
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Hello everyone! just joined the forum, been swatchin about for the past 2 days in here. I ride a Merlin Malt 2, with loads of nice gear on it. Also got a Raleigh Dyna tech thing that i built from scratch for cycling round glasgow.

I live 1 mile away from the Kirroughtree trails :lol: so im always kickin about there, also a member of Retrobike forum, which is quality. 8)
dave 8)


  • elscorchoelscorcho Posts: 44
    Hey Dave welcome to bikeradar which is a great site and I visit it most days! You will usually find me tearing up the Phoenix Trail at Mabie Forest. I went around the red grade today and it is riding very well especially compared to the last time I was there when itl was very wet and muddy - I seem to recall hitting a tree root and ending up off the bike and on my butt! The time before that I went right over the handlebars which is the first time I have done that!

    I have been around part of the Kirroughtree red grade which was the first time I had ever been on a red grade trail and I remember that I enjoyed it alot!

  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    ello fellow merlin rider dave and welcome :)
  • bigdavevwbigdavevw Posts: 213
    Nice one!! hiya guys, yea love my merlin, its like a girlfriend ;) I,ll get some pics up in the rides section. Never been to Mabie, only 7 stanes course i,ve been to is Kirroughtree. Its amazing tho. Going for a blast today ;)

    Dunker ur Malt is amazin

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