First longish journey ,

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Doing my first longish journey this week, first of all cycling from Hereford to Hay on Wye tomorrow, I'm just checking my route on google maps : ... 44632&z=12

Then on Sunday afternoon from Hay down to Newport to catch a train back to London : ... +(S.+Wales)+Railway+Station)&geocode=%3BFXAyEwMdiD7S_yGd65s0wBj4YA&hl=en&mra=pe&mrcr=0&dirflg=w&sll=51.777133,-3.088608&sspn=0.631311,1.785278&ie=UTF8&ll=51.831534,-3.048706&spn=0.630551,1.785278&z=10

Do those routes look OK?

I'm taking my bag which has universal tool, portable pump, spare inner tube and some tyre levels, oh and a GPS in case I get completely lost :) Oh and some sugary snacks (I'm diabetic)

Any advice / tips, do those routes look OK ?

Thanks, wish me luck 8)


  • Garz
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    Wishing you luck mate, sorry I cant be of any use about the journey as im a beginner really!

    Let us know how it fares anyway. :)
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    They look fine, first one should take about 1hr 20, second one about 3 hrs.
  • fto-si
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    You could always amend route 2 to take in Gospell Pass.
  • ocaaaaa
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    Never heard of Gospell Pass , but I like the idea of going most of the journey through the park!

    Something like this looks appealing ... +(S.+Wales)+Railway+Station)&hl=en&geocode=%3B%3BFXAyEwMdiD7S_yGd65s0wBj4YA&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=12&via=1&dirflg=w&sll=52.006019,-3.103981&sspn=0.152589,0.198441&ie=UTF8&ll=51.851898,-3.03875&spn=0.153114,0.198441&z=12
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    That final route you posted will take you up Gospell Pass, with this weekends weather the views from the top will be amazing. I wish it was me going up there!
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    Sounds good :) I'm quite glad now there is engineering works so I have to cycle to Newport and not get the train !

    Will try and get some pics up when I get back :)
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    how was the ride ocaaaa?
    which bike were you on?
  • ocaaaaa
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    I just cycled back from Paddington - the ride was great, some amazing views from up there.

    Unfortunately I was quite tired as I only slept 5 hours on Friday night and Saturday night we were camping in Hay and I got 7 hours of sleep but very interrupted

    The climbing up from Hay to Gospell pass was a nightmare, ended up walking about a quarter of it !

    I also got completely lost , luckily I set off early so was still in time for the train - total journey ended up being 60 miles instead of 40 :oops:

    I thought I was quite fit, but that uphill proved me so wrong.

    Hereford > Hay was great , and I only got a little bit lost on that one !

    Was on a Synapse 105 Carbon
  • ocaaaaa
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    Feel suprisingly good from the long ride - only thing that seems to hurt are my ankles :?

    I might do the same distance again this weekend around Richmond park - providing the weather is good :P