10 speed cassette on 9 speed freehub

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Hi all, wonder if you can help.

For a variety of reasons I'm trying to use a 2008 Shimano WH-R500 rear wheel with a 10-speed cassette. The cassette fits, but the mech is mighty close (having adjusted the limit screw) to the spokes in the lowest gear. On the Shimano docs that came with the wheel it only lists 9-speed, but the current documentation on the Shimano webby says it's 10-speed compatible (but it might be a different freehub).

How small a gap can I get away with? Would the lowest gear on a 9-speed be in the same place w.r.t. the wheel anyway? I don't really fancy trying it out on the road as I will be without bike if I lunch the wheel, but I do use the bottom gear quite a bit round here.

Cheers all,

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    you usually run a spacer on the freehub to move the cassette away from the spokes, as the 10spd cassette is actually narrower than the 9.

    LBS should have them (he says, mine didn't)
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    Thanks, I'll have a hunt round.
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