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Vanity related question - triple to double

TomFTomF Posts: 494
edited May 2009 in Workshop
I know that through judicious use of the search function, I could probably find a thousand posts for this....

Anyway, what I'm really after is a step by step for swapping a HT2 Ultegra triple chainset for a HT2 double (say, Ultegra). I don't want a compact - the plan is to be a 53/39.

Why? Well, vanity really, if I'm honest. And the fact that for the vast majority of the riding I do, I never use the 30 chainring.

So, other than telling me to unbolt the granny ring and change the lower stop on the front mech, is this doable with the kit I have (namely a triple STI (Ultegra) and triple capacity front mech?

If so, anyone got a quick step by step for setting up the front shifting to make it work? Also, is there a noticeable difference in chainline and would that cause front mech/STI issues?

Thanks in advance..!



  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Triple mech + Triple STIs should work in theory. The STIs definitely, but wouldn't entirely be convinced to use a Triple front mech.

    If you are buying a double chainset, you might aswell buy a double mech - it will look tidier too.

    Chainline should be fine (Giant SCR carbon?).

    Would definitely consider a double front mech though...
    I like bikes...

  • TomFTomF Posts: 494
    Sounds plausible. Thanks, old boy.

    Yep, Giant SCR carbon. It may be a sportive bike, but I need to make it a bit more racy once I've got the horror of the Étape out of the way.....
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