Marshals required at Lee Quarry this Sunday

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Call for marshals! 31st May

We are planning our longest course of the series and need help with course setup and marshalling. Unfortunately some of the people who have been generously helping us are not available this weekend. At moment we are short of about 5 marshals, if we don't get people to marshal we will need to change the course design to reduce the marshal points, so help us to give you the best course yet!

Below is a brief description of what it involves, the weather forecast is very good for the weekend and so it should be a nice morning in the sun. Yes you can bring the kids along to watch but you need to be able to do the marshalling duty for the race duration. There are two golden rules:

tell us if you are planning to marshal (so we don't plan for 10 and get 25!)
tell us if you were marshalling but cannot make it (so we don't plan for 25 and get 10!)

Remember this is your race series as much as it is ours, lets make the last race of series 1 a good one.

What's it all about?
Marshalling is a rewarding and entertaining way to support your local community and mtb racing....... well I would say that I need people to marshal.

Essentially we need responsible (>18's) people to assist in managing the event. The position will be on the course where you will indicate the correct way to go for the riders, signal if there is a hazard ahead (cool yellow flag provided) and call for first aid assistance should a rider need it (radio provided). You will be asked to wear a rather stylish yellow waistcoat (with "Marshal" on the back) and will be given a radio to talk to the race organisers (really nice
people) with.

To help, you get a full briefing and all the necessary equipment and hopefully a bit of food and drink. We ask that you turn up by 08:45 and be prepared to stay to the end 12:30ish. You will need to make sure that you can cope with Bacup weather (4 seasons in one day) and be able to walk about the quarry fairly quickly without assistance.

To top it all the "registered" marshals for the day get put into a free cash prize draw for £50 to say thanks and there is a drink from the coffee van. To register you need to be signed on before 08:45 on the day.

If you are an insomniac and can assist us with the course marking we need you on-site for 07:30, the great advantage is that we will let you race for free if you do this. What a bargain, supporting the racing and getting to race, just think of the good karma!

If you can help please let us know at


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    That's weird. Was only thinking today that I really should come and watch the racing in Lee Quarry, didn't realise the next race was Sunday. Anyway just sent you an email to the address above.
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