Changing a chain

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Ive never changed a chain before.....

Ordered a KMC gold 10 speed chain to replace the old 10S ultegra. When installing it...whats the procedure. I know how to link the chain etc.....but what about its length, will i need to determine the optimum length of the chain somehow?


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    Ummm, same length as the old one? :wink:
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    If the old one is streched badly enough you can end up with your new chain being the same 'length' as the old 'un but having more links !

    The way I do it is to take my old chian off and hang it on my 'chain nail TM' (an old nail knocked into the garage wall :lol:
    then hang the new one on and you can easily compare links as you go down the length.

    Once you know how many links you need on the new chain (same as old), break off the excess and pow you're good to go.

    I also use a wear indicator when I clean my bike so I can change chains in a timely manner that way I use 2 chains to 1 cassette.
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    Put the new chain on your bike on the big chainring and largest sprocket without threading it through the rear mech and where the ends meet add one complete set of links which is approx 1 inch. YouTube has several videos that describe this method.
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