Respacing a 9 speed cassette

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If I wanted to respace a 9 speed cassette (let's say an 11-34) for use with a 10 speed system (Ultegra 10 speed STI levers and derailleur) what width of shim/spacer should I use?
This is so I don't potentially run out of gears on big, long mountain climbs.
Any ideas gratefully received.


  • Mister W
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    You can't.
  • louismichaels
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    Even if I take the cassette apart and use a different thickness spacer?
  • nicklouse
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    well you need a 10spd cassette and the spacer that come with it.

    shimano 8/9 speed freebodies are compatable with the newer 10spd cassettes. but you need that spacer.

    see here.
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    Why don't you just buy a cheap 10 speed cassette?
  • louismichaels
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    It's not a cost issue.
    It just appears that with a ten speed system, the largest cassette cog is a 27 (Shimano), 28 (SRAM) or 29 (Campag, but not compatible).
    So, I thought, if I respace a 9 speed cassette (which go up to 34), I can stick with my 10 speed system and take advantage of the lower gearing!
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    get your wallet out: ... x_launch09

    SRAM's new xx groupset will feature 10 speed 11-32 and 11-36 cassettes.

    singletrack reckon over 300 usd for one though: ... -close-up/

    seriously, though, at some point a cassette that meets your needs and costs a sensible amount will surely hit the market, if there isn't some obscure one out there already? if you start messing with the 9 speed, the shifting is bounds to be a fool up.

    (finally, pedant alert: shimano will soon go to 28 when the new ultegra is available. this doesn't help you though)
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    You can get a Marchisio cassette up to a 30. Not a cheap option but they do work.
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    Have a look here - up to 30T shimano or Campag ... sette.html
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    Oops beaten to it!
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    Obviously depends on the model of cassette and whether you can pull it all apart into seperate spacers. I've done this with 8 and 9 speed cassettes including making Campagnolo spaced cassettes for MTB hubs - the joy of a Campagnolo drivetrain and disc brakes. Highpath Engineering will do you a set of spacers for £15 or you may find one of the Mavic spacer kits may suffice.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • louismichaels
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    Many thanks for the advice and links.
    Will have a look around...