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What shades do you wear in Sunny UK ?????



  • jamiecurryjamiecurry Posts: 34
    in years gone by used to use brikos as they were the first to introduce a photochromic lense and a proper anti fog coated lense which was great for damp days or changing light conditions reletavley cheap at the time too.

    now i'm using a variety of oakleys as theyre spares and service backup well worth the extra cost, if you break an arm or loose an ear sock just snd them right back and they usually replace stuff on a good will gesture.

    Have radars with VR28 for varying light conditions, flak jackets with red iridium for sunny days, straight jackets with clear/grey photochromic for dark/winter days, totally an oakley convert now the last few years!
    Inverse Racing UK / Bikefood
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