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Are these any good?!!

gtitimgtitim Posts: 225
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Never heard of it. Perhaps thats just me?


  • Stone GliderStone Glider Posts: 1,227
    I am sure that there is another thread on Bikeradar about Vitus Bikes which should give you all tha answera.
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  • zedderszedders Posts: 509
    edited May 2009
    IMO no, and total weight: 9.82Kg? That over 21 lbs with nothing on it. I bit heavy if you ask me? Sure you can do better. I don't think it looks great either? But looks can be deceiving! Just ask the wife. :wink:
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  • rogerthecatrogerthecat Posts: 669
    If it's cheep you are after,



  • bicebice Posts: 772
    It looks pretty good to me, although I would be very wary of the alloy forks. Carrera Vanquish would get you carbon forks, so probably less vibration. And easier to test/take back from Halfords. I would not touch something like this without riding it. I found the Xenon stuff a bit odd, albeit 9 speed, on a bike priced at this level. You get only Mirage on £1,000 Wiliers. You must try it first.
  • slicendiceslicendice Posts: 7
    I've been looking at this model: ... elID=38414

    Costs slightly more but carbon forks.

    The thing is, I've not been able to find anything at all about them anywhere online - which makes me a little nervous! For the price the spec looks OK, but without a single review or without being able to try one first, I'm a bit dubious about purchasing.

    If you do end up getting one, I'd be very interested to hear your impressions.
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