Rapha country jersey

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I'm tempted to buy a Rapha 'Italian' country jersey.....does any one have one? If so, what are they like and what do you think of the quality compared to Assos? Cheers


  • cougie
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    Dont have the country jersey - but the others I have are nice. But very very pricey.
  • JPJ
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    I have both..
    I wear Assos in a L, material is thinner, lighter, racier cut.
    Country Jersey in a Small, the material is thicker and less stretchy, the zip extends to just above the italian band, so that might be an issue if you like to unzip when it's hot.
    I've had a few issues with the stitching on Rapha Jerseys, nothing to write home about and I still prefer the Rapha Jerseys over the Assos ones, shorts are opposite though...

    All up both good and comfortable, but the Rapha is more of a relaxed fit.

    Hope that helps.
  • nicensleazy
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    Thanks guys