Finger pain???

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Morning guys,

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and got plenty of riding in.

Might sound a tad strange this, but I'm getting very specific finger pain after prolonged downhill sections (nothing too extreme, black runs at Llandegla). General riding is perfectly fine, but on the DH's the ring finger on my right hand and my little finger on my left are really sore and still sore for days after?

Just wondering if anyone had experienced similar or could offer a reason why it's just those 2 fingers?

I ride with MX style gloves, not that much padding, and standard Spesh Enduro grips.

PS How depressing is it going back into work after a long w/e? :(


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    It could be the angle at which the brake levers at angled. Or it could be pain from using only one or two fingers when braking. When I am going DH, I have two on the rear and one on the front brake.
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    Are your brake levers in the right position? Maybe you are having to twist your wrists or hands back when standing up and riding down hill. You could try losening your brakes and standing in the attack position to see where they feel natural . Then note the position and tighten.
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    Start taking this

    Did wonders for the pain I was experiencing in my fingers
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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    I normally use two fingers to brake, do you think it'd be better to use just one so I have a better grip of the bars and hence not putting too much stress on the other two fingers?

    I'll also have a mess with the lever angle and see if I can make any improvements, are there any tips for setting up the brake angle or is it purely rider preference?

    I may strat taking Glucosamine, as I'm also getting clicky joints, hips especially, and I'm only 27 :cry:
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    if you have reach adjust on the levers you could try bringing them closer to the bar
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