Assos Shorts - Really Worth It?

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Just wanted thoughts on whether it's worth splashing out £100 on a pair of shorts? I'm only a student so cash doesn't come round that often and this would be a serious buy. If anyone can offer advice on what to do that would be nice?


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    Do a search on the myriad of threads on Assos shorts and you will not need to ask.
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    Good grief how many more 'Assos can't be that good' threads are we gonna see here? Getting very tiresome ...
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    Assos actually stands for "Arses Smooth Softness Of Silk".

    That it FACT (OK, I made that up, but it could if they wanted it to).

    As suggested do a search - you'll see that probably 90% of people that have tried Assos wouldn't change.
    Carlsberg don't make cycle clothing, but if they did it would probably still not be as good as Assos
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    Just tired out my new F1 S5 Uno's yesterday on a 60 mile ride, the longest I've ever done. Assos aren't just shorts, this is a piece of equipment which will enhance your endurance overnight simply by virtue of the fact you will be able to cope with longer periods in the saddle. The limiting factor for me yesterday was my legs, rather than the more usual aspect of discomfort. Money well spent.

    Suffice to say "Assos - BELIEVE the hype!!" :D
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    I did 100 miles yesterday and was in the saddle for 6-7 hours; I didn't have to think about my shorts once. No bunching up; no scratching at the seams; no bagginess or unnecessary movement but great comfort and support. Second time out in the F1 Uno's and I will not be going back.

    So yes, worth the money.
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    I read somewhere that the colours correspond to different temperatures or something. Is this right as I can't find that page again and the Assos site doesn't say anything about it?
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    No, that's not true. Assos make a big thing about different garments for different temperature ranges (6 I think!) from "Hot summer" to "Fricking Baltic" (or somthing along those lines). Colour has nothing to do with it, just pick the one you think you look most pretty in. I went for blue, brings out my eyes.
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    I've tried Assos and they're certainly good but there are other shorts that are just as good, and sometimes better IME, so you just need to be careful that snobbery doesn't cloud your judgement.

    Two shorts that have really impressed me recently are the Giordana Tenax (£60ish) - good fit and good value - and the Gore Xenon (RRP £100, cheapest I've seen is £75ish). The latter are just fantastic IMO.
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    I had my longest ride of the year yesterday (about 5 hours in the saddle). Used my Assos bibs and scarely even noticed they were there - any other shorts I've used i know I would have had some sort of discomfort.

    Obviously there is no point in using up a months drinking money for a pair of shorts as there are plenty of decent ones out there for half the price, but the one thing that does justify them IMO is that they last an incredibly long time if you look after them (and don't fall off). I know several big mileage riders who have insisted that they saved money with Assos - they simply outlast anything else on the market, often by years.
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    Just ordered a pair of F1 Unos from Ribble (15% off until midnight). If they arrive in time I'll be doing 150 miles in them on Sunday... I really hope they work :)
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    TBH I dont find them any more comfy than any of my cheaper shorts - but they are nicely made.

    I did see the Assos different colour thing - some bike shop was playing about.

    Not that keen on the jackets - Swiss fashion is dubious to say the least - unless you are into dressing up as Captain Scarlet.

    At least with my Rapha - I can wear it down the pub.