Help fitting a new stem

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I need to fit a shorter stem, is this an easy job or do I need a Torque wrench?

I need to fit it to a carbon handlebar

Also what part of the stem to you measure to find out its length?

Also any thoughts on which to buy?




  • Smokin Joe
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    To find the length of a stem you measure from centre of steerer to centre of bars. I personally would not bother with a torque wrench, just tighten it firmly enough to hold it secure with an Allen key. As long as you don't go barmy and strain on the tool with all your force you will not overtighten.
  • Baytt
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    the length is usually written on the inside of the face plate or the inside of the stem ( at least the length of mine was)

    never fitted a stem to carbon bars, heard some people cracking theirs by over tightening them. as long as your careful i wouldnt see a problem tbh
  • Slow Downcp
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    I always use a torque wrench - particularly with carbon parts. I do have a tendency to tighten until bolts snap or threads strip otherwise. Ritchey do a small preset key at 5Nm for a reasonable price.

    Whether or not you use a torque wrench, do each bolt up a little at a time to help spread the load and ensure even bolt pressure, rather than tightening them up in one go.
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