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Dura ace BB

C-S-BC-S-B Posts: 117
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Looking to buy a Dura Ace 7800 gruppo and was wondering if the BB will fit - is it a standard sort of thing that will fit most bikes?

Situation is Ive got 2 bikes (a felt and a giant) and one of them has a significantly worse groupset than the other, but Im not sure whether Im gonna put the DA on the better bike and transfer the groupset from the better bike onto the worse bike, or whether to put the DA straight on the worse bike..

This is the main problem I see other than I think Ill have to buy chain whip, lockring tool, BB removal thingy (is this a standard tool?)

Hope this makes some sense and thanks for any help :)


  • PiezPiez Posts: 45
    BB come in 2 versions - english thread and italian thread. You just need to work out which thread your bikes take. Someone on here should know :lol: If not call a dealer and ask.
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