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105 Front Shifter Setup for Double Chainring

andywondandywond Posts: 4
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Just taken delivery of a Scott CR1 Team with 105 kit. I'm a little concerned at the performance of the first mech/shifter, particularly shifting from the big ring to inner ring. It's a very notchy shift, needing a double-prod of the lever to eventually crash the chain to the inner ring.

I know the shifter is compatible with double and triple rings, it appears that I need to go into the third ring 'click' on the shifter to engage the big ring, which means two clicks down to get to the inner ring. I assumed this was due to inadequate cable tension, but tensioning the cable means the mech is mis-aligned when on the inner ring.

So far I'm not impressed by the double/triple compatible shifter, my old 1998 105 shifter is much sweeter. Any setup tips?


  • wiffachipwiffachip Posts: 861
    everything you say sounds like its the same as mine, but having taken it to a couple of LBS they reckon it's normal. Apparently one click on the front moves it slightly, so you can use more of the rear cassette without chain rub. next click moves it up/down.
    not convinced though
    I do know that it seems like it could snap at any time, which is not nice
    seems to be loads of threads about 105 front changer issues

    coming from shimano exage sport dts's its difficult to make a comparison
  • JonrJonr Posts: 73
    I've had the same problem on my training bike with the 105 front shifter, but believe it or not it's got better with age and usage. The bike was involved in a colision with a car also (not my fault) and it took some of the impact. It seems an unusual bonus that something improves as it wears out!
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  • Mister WMister W Posts: 853
    The extra position of the lever is to allow you to trim the mech, to avoid the chain rubbing. It's perfectly normal.
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