KTM Chain problems

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Hello all.

I am pretty much an amateur when it comes to cycling, and my current problem is driving me mad. I hope somebody out there can help.

Basically, I have an older KTM bicycle which ran fantastically until a chain failure the other week. Essentially the master link went spraying bits all over the road.

So I decided to get a new chain since that one was looking a bit grim and rusty.

I have tried mounting 1/8 and 3/32 chains, to no avail - they are either a tad too loose or a tad too tight. The links just don't match up. It seems like the only chain which fits my bike is the original one, but it is now not usable. It has 'Germany 2.1' written on the link plates, along with a symbol which looks like a W with a crown/sun.

I am really confused by this. Any thoughts?


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    By too loose or too tight do you mean long or short. If so, take some links out of the chain with a chain tool. You can check thelength required by measuring the chain against your old one.
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