Flat rubber!

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I just bought a floor pump with a pressure gauge for the first time. Before this i just relied upon a basic hand pump and my 'calibrated finger nip' on the rubber. Guess what? - my average PSI was 20-25!!! Dohhh! So I've been riding around for the last few years at below recommended PSI shown on the tyre wall. I never knew any better and didn't give a second thought. Just been out for a ride on my hardtail with with 50PSI in my tyres - WOW what a difference. I'm going to hit the trails this weekend on my full-suss bike at correct PSI and see the difference. Should be the best £40 spent on my bike.


  • supersonic
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    There is no real correct value though - just a range that may suit you.

    50psi may be a bit too high on some surfaces, but experiment.
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    50PSI is far to high for trail riding with drops and jumps ect ect, you will get bounced clean off at that pressure.

    I run around 40 in the front as a max.

    I run around 30-35 the rear depending on the type of trails I'm hitting

    I wack it up to 50 for XC/training rides :)
    I use all 9 inches.

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    My track pump seems a bit out to be honest, about 40 PSI seems fairly rock hard. They're good to ensure you always get the same PSi when you've found a setting you like, I wouldn't be too set on using the "right" number though.