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Shimano brake pads on Campag brakeset

akkersakkers Posts: 140
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Struggling to change my campag pads to carbon pads(Record groupset) but having no luck. Called my LBS who suggested keeping the campag brakeset, but just changing the shoes to Shimano and use carbon pads as they slide in and out far easier.

has anyone else done this, and is it ok to use Shimano brakepads/shoes on campag Record brakeset....wheels are Zipp if it makes any difference???


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Can't be done easily - the screw fitting for Campagnolo shoes is different from Shimano - they're wider so the Shimano shoes will just slop around dangerously - there are some aftermarket pads that you might be able to swap around the screws. I'd also go to an LBS who know what they're talking about!
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  • El TelEl Tel Posts: 63
    I've done it with KoolStop pads and holders, which IMHO work better than the Campag ones and are also easier to change. Not that cheap, and I remember I had to fiddle around with the bolts a bit. They've been fine, however.
    El Tel
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