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StriStri Posts: 18
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July is the date I've set for (hopefully) getting my new bike.

My current one I bought of my mate for £45 quid and is decent for what I paid but I'm looking to pay 500-1k for my next one. On interest free credit.

I was just wondering what is the best shop / online store for price and service. what do you lot recommend?

Some guy recommended this on Wiki answers: ?

I'm looking for a road/hybrid, I don't think I'm doing much off-roading.



  • StriStri Posts: 18
    Oh and I should add I know little about the mechanics of the bike. I don't know which are the best value for money so any suggestions on what you've bought / friends have bought which you know are good solid bikes would be good.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    You should really get down to your local bike shop/s and have a good look at what there is. Get opinions from the fellas in the shop and test ride a few. there are so many different road bikes, frame sizes, shapes and equipment levels to choose from.
    Here are a few to chew on.

    Focus cayo
    Scott speedster s40
    Trek 1.2
    Specialized Allez
    Giant defy
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    BTW, buying online may be cheap but buying locally form a bike shop means any problems or niggles will be sorted a lot quicker especially if you are unfamiliar with bike mechanics. :wink:
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    I'd ignore Focus as it's only available online. If you are unfamiliar with what you are buying go into a few local shops and get advice from them. They are there for a reason
  • ohlala!ohlala! Posts: 121
    I would recommend going down to your LBS and shop around all LBSs around your town. The reason being , so that you don't regret on the geometry of the frame of te bike when you buy online. Like I did, and end up spending another couple of hundred quid to buy a new frame.
  • BarkiesnakeBarkiesnake Posts: 244
    Agree with DCM1, No substitute for test riding a few.
    I bought a new bike 6 weeks ago, had my heart set on a Boardman team after all the reviews but when i test rode it i didn't like it at all. Nothing i could put my finger on, but something didn't feel right.
    After trying a few others i eventually sat on a Giant defy and fell in love. Best bike i have ever owned (not that i have owned many) and i'm so glad i didn't just buy the first bike that caught my eye.
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