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I keep seeing tales of woe where motorists are concerned, so I thought I would tell you all of a couple of nice considerate ones I encountered the other day

I went out for a ride on Friday afternoon, not a huge one by a lot of people's standards, but a reasonable length by my own.

Having ridden from Leighton Buzzard, through Aylesbury and out the other side towards Buckingham I was heading along the A413. It was raining and there was very little traffic on the road right up until the moment I wanted to turn right into a narrow lane towards Stewkley. All of a sudden I was confronted with about 30 cars all coming up from behind too fast for me to even consider trying to signal my intention, along with a never ending queue on the other side of the road that had no intention of letting a cyclist across, so I was left stuck at the side of the road waiting for an end to the chaos. All of a sudden 2 cars stopped, holding up the traffic to let me into the road. I thanked both and quickly scooted into the lane, which is very winding with blind bends for drivers, but with hedges that cyclists can just see over. I heard a car behind me, keeping its distance but not wanting to pass due to not knowing what was coming the other way. I took a look under my arm to see what the driver was doing and recognised her as one of the cars that had let me in. I stood on the pedals to check the road ahead, held out my hand and waved her to pass as all was clear. She wound down her window and said thanks as she went by, leaving me with a good 2 metres space at the same time, then waved as she headed on her way.

Made me glad that there are some people out there who do consider us riders as fellow road users and realise that we are at the mercy of drivers.

If you come on this forum.... thanks for letting me by.


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    I have one roundabout on my commute home, where I need to cross into the right-hand lane. There have been only a couple of occasions where I *haven't* been let across by cars...
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    I reckon about 1 in 20 drivers bahave as this driver did.Maby 1 in 20 drivers ride a bike reguarly.
    I think most people think their default speed is 50mph,when actualy it's only 3-4mph(walking).A lot of drivers give driving the same amount of attention as if they were walking along window shopping whilst eating a big mac!
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    When it's winter and i'm on my way back from work down a fairly long hill to dunkerton i can often barely see 10 feet ahead due to oncoming traffic, no street lights and it being winter! This is pretty sketchy but usually someone will slow behind me and lighten the road so i can get some speed up :D

    You're right, there's to much focus on bad drivers. I'm sure, for the most part, they are considerate, rational people :)
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    I'v had consideration from many on my once a week to work, when I've not expected it.

    Maybe the trick is I'm acting as a road user should regarding road position, indicating etc?
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    I make an effort, whilst riding on roads, to behave as much like another vehicle as possible. I acknowledge motorists as often as I can, especially at road junctions, islands, roundabouts, etc. Also, when stuck in a position where I am hindering others, even though I am entitled to do so, I try to indicate that I am aware of my affect on their progress and my appreciation of their consideration and patience.

    You should not act submissively as that sends out the wrong message, but courtesy often helps IMO. That saying, it is only a percentage game and there are some tw@s out there.
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    I would say that whilst there are considerate drivers on the road they are in a minority. I always thank them as failure to do so will only alienate them. Cyclists need as many friends as possible on the roads in the UK. Unfortunately there are still a majority of drivers who would prefer you weren't there and would sooner run you off the road than push their brake pedal and tweak the steering wheel to pass you with a safe margin. Regularly looking behind helps so much to reduce the wheel huggers and the drivers who shave your legs or clip your elbows as they pass by.
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