Halfords bike for mudguards.

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I'm considering buying a new commuter/winter trainer bike through Halfords on the C2W scheme.
One major issue is that I'd really want to have full-length guards fitted in place of the raceblades that were the only option on the bike I was using for a fair proportion of this past winter.
Can anyone advise if they know whether any of the bikes that Halfords stock allow this (ie have front and rear guard eyes ?) - looking at their website doesn't seem to indicate any of their bikes around the £50 - £700 mark have the required eyes on front or rear.
I know that there may be the option of sourcing a bike from outside the Halfords stable of brands but at present I'm just looking at the simplest option for the scheme.


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    I thought this was a swap deal, I'd still keep my mudguards!!
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    I have 1 day left to decide whether I sign up for the bike2work or not.
    The only purchase that makes sense at the moment is a good commuter/trainer-type bike and it would need to accomodate full mudguards.
    Don't see a Halfords/Boardman bike that would do that - I quite fancy a fixed-gear bike but my commute is a 35 mile round trip over very rolling terrain and much of my winter training rides are pretty hilly too so a geared bike seems to be the sensible choice.
    Wondering now whether there is another bike that Halfords would source that woudl fit the bill : I believe they can source Specialized ?
    Maybe the Tricross ?
    Checking the Specialized website they show the 2009 model as having 105/Ultegra kit and a compact double whilst elsewhere, eg Evans, shows Tiagra and a triple.
    One bike they had in my local Edinburgh store was the Voodoo scandium-framed C-X bike but their website indicates it can't be ordered at the moment so either in short supply or being discontinued. It has guard mounts I think (front fork has them for sure)

    Confused and running out of time ....
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    The Carrera Valour takes full mudguards front and back.
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    Moomin23 wrote:
    I thought this was a swap deal, I'd still keep my mudguards!!

    +1 :lol:
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    sign up for it first for the amount you would like to spend then decide which bike you want afterward. you have to receive and have your voucher in hand before they will order bike in for you, if you want to go for another brands. also go into one of their store to check out their bike regarding of the mudguards.

    which scheme is your company running? bikescheme and cycle2work scheme are different even though them both from Halfords and it is cycle2work scheme which can source you bike which they don't sell.
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    Yup, cycle2work is the one our place operates and hidden away in the FAQs is the mention of the following :
    Can I select any bicycle and accessories in a Halfords store?
    .... If you have a preferred brand that Halfords don’t ordinarily stock you should contact Halfords cycle2work team .. who will, subject to availability, source your bicycle.
    I guess a £800 LoC is the one for me !
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    andyrr wrote:
    I have 1 day left to decide whether I sign up for the bike2work or not.

    Confused and running out of time ....

    The Boardman hybrids take full length mudgaurds as long as you don't run Marathon plus tyres as there are too tall and there is not enough space as the clearences are tight.
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    All of the Carrera's do I m pretty sure.
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    Look at Ribbles website for their winter bikes as they come with full length guards. They get good reviews and lots of folk on here have them.
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