Taster sessions at Manchester

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Having only ever ridden road, and never having ridden fixed, what an experience my taster session was.. Great fun. I just wish there was a velodrome a bit closer than Manchester.. Could really get hooked..
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  • bluecow
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    Cheers! Ive got one booked for september (which im about to move forward).
    Dumb question here, but are Look Keo and Look Delta cleats essentially the same? Am i talking rubbish?
    I normally use SPDs so road pedals are all a bit new to me.
    PHIAN Posts: 15
    Hi there

    The Look keo and delta cleats are different. The velodrome uses Delta. I ride Look 105 pedals so my cleats are delta compatible. They do hire shoes out and I think they're only a fiver so easier than sorting out a set.
    Gonna have to sort another trip out. Loved it. Those banks are something else..

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  • mrushton
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    They also do Look Delta pedal adapters with straps, for use with ordinary shoes and they're OK for a short taster session, so there's no need to worry about any compatibility issues. If you do hire Look Delta fitted shoes don't worry about the ease or speed of clipping in/out. You will only need to do it once, as you'll start off with both feet already clipped in and never unclip either foot until you are off the track, stopped and holding the hand rail.