Advise on the Polar CS300 Wireless HRM Cycle Computer

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Hi Everyone,

All advice and suggestions for the above HRM/Cycling computer.

Does anyone own/use the above HRM?
How does it work as a cycling computer?

I am training for Triathlons this year and need a bit more flexibility so was looking at something like this.

Many thanks


  • davidmiller
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    I've got one of these with a cadence sensor and it's pretty good. Had it two years, changed the batteries myself contrary to Polar's advice (they want you to send it back to them!!). Only problem I've had with it is when I have not kept the transmitter strap clean or damp.

    Minor niggle but the best "issue" I could come up with is that it is a bit slow to realise that you've stopped at the traffic lights (in fact, the £12 Cateye I had as it's predecesor was faster). Other than that, can't complain.

  • hopper1
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    I've had mine about 3½ years, no real problems to speak of.
    Change the batteries myself, and added the cadence sensor, too.
    Excellent piece of kit.

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