painting helmets

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I was wondering is acrylic paints and laquer will be sfe to use when for custom painting a helmet. any ideas?


  • White Line
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    Spray paint seems good enough.

    I can't see it causing any damage, so I reckon it will be safe. :)
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    It depends on what the helmet shell is made of, broadly speaking fiberglass should be okay so long as you use a water based paint (krylon and most street art spray paint is different to car touch up paint) If you are unsure contact the paint manufacturer and helmet maker to make sure.
    personaly I wouldn't touch a polycarbonate helmet with any paint or even solvent cleaner.
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    I sprayed my helmet (standard xc /trail type) jet black and laquered it a couple of years ago ( possibly some sort of deluded idea that I was a trail ninja ! ). The helmet was fine, I on the other hand am no trail ninja as I had a big stack a month ago. The helmet did the job well and saved my head and did not appear to be any the worse for being sprayed. The plastic shell remained intact just the inside split. End of ninja helmet!
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    remove the foam because as i have found out before some spray paints and laquers on contact with the foam cuase it to melt and give off fumes, was a new helmet aswell :(
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    Personally i wouldn't. Not worth it really, you'll only find out if you've weakened it when you crash and that's not really a good time.
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