Mavic Aksium - stiff freehub

Chris Swansea
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I have an '06 Spesh Allez Elite with a Mavic Aksium wheelset. ... ike06.html

The freehub is really stiff, so much so that when it's on the workstand and I pedal it backwards, it acts almost like a fixie and the back wheel rotates. None of my other bikes do this.

The bike is well maintained and has only done about 400 miles.

Is it possible to adjust the freehub? Does it use some sort of cone mechanism? Or could I just thin the grease bit by bit with some thin oil?

Any advice gratefully recieved :)
Trying my best to do 300 miles a month on and off road.


  • jonmack
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    You should take the free hub off and check the spring/pawl mechanism. Replacing or thinning the grease with oil is a good idea, but it will make your hub slightly louder. Also it does mean you'll have to check the hub a bit more often, as you don't want it to dry out and have metal on metal contact.