Ferrari mountain bike

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Today I paid a visit to the newly opened Ferrari shop in Regents street and there behold I saw a Ferrari CX-60 full suspension mountain bike . ... 1/cid,210/

Apparently the thing was going for £1699 and it came with besides the other parts listed on the website

Steel Handlebar that looks like it was derived from an Halfords apollo bike

Square taper/ octalink crankset (I think it was a deore)

Rockshox Bar rear shock 1.1 basic

The funny thing about it was that there was a couple who were eyeing it up and buying it as a first "proper mountain bike" . Had the temptation to tell them that for that price , they can get a superior design for the same if not less price but i think they were just seduced by that badge and decided to buy it on impulse .
Isn't it disgraceful that Ferrari are trying to sell a £599 worth bike for 3 times its true value and the poor noobs who are gonna rip this bike on the local trails will soon realise the error of their ways ?