10 speed connecting pin compatability?

rubberjungle Posts: 54
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I am wondering if I can use either a 10 speed Sram powerlock or a KMC missing link with a Shimano 10 speed chain, I think the KMC works but what about the SRAM one?


  • bobtravers
    bobtravers Posts: 115
    KMC will work, don't think that the SRAM one will do so...
  • boondog
    boondog Posts: 205
    KMC and missing link are removable for Shimano 10sp chains, powerlink are not (according to some websites)
    the SRAM looks like it *should* be removable, but I ended up using KMC to be sure.
  • dilemna
    dilemna Posts: 2,187
    Sram say their 10 speed link is designed not to come apart once fitted which seems to defeat the object. The KMC Campag specific 10 speed link is the one I have gone for although have not recieved it yet. It is supposed to be the same width as the Campag chain 5.9mm. I did look at a Wipperman Connex link as they are rated highly for not coming apart but they seem to be a bit wider at 6.2mm but no one seems to have them in stock anyway.
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