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im not too computer technical so

do i need to pay £30something for polars IR USB stick which ive read is not all that good....

or can i just buy a £3 job off ebay...

is there anything special i need to look for / make sure i get so it all works??
(its for a s610i)



  • John.T
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    I have a Polar IR for my CS400 and it works just fine. I can not speak of any alternatives.
  • GavH
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    NO - you DO NOT need the Polar branded one.

    However, some IrDAs don't synch with Polar devices, certain Belkin ones I think. If you spend 5 mins or so googling it you WILL find the answer. I bought a £5 thing off ebay and couldn't get it to work with my CS600. Googled it and discovered this timing issue with certain IrDA chipsets. Bought a different one and it worked first time. Seriously, spending a few minutes ascertaining which chipsets work fine and then finding an IrDA dongle with that particular chipset will save you the better part of £30 becuase you don't need the Polar branded one.
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    Wot GavH said.
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    thank you for the replys