Straight pull spokes discontinued?

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Hello everyone.
First time poster here, so please be kind and be tolerant of my ignorance.
Thank you!

I have a 2008 Specilazed Roubaix Elite, with the original wheels:

Mavic Open Sport rims, with Specialized forged alloy hub with double sealed ball bearings and straight pull spokes.

Now, out on the road on Saturday, I broke a spoke in the rear wheel.
Having never fixed a straight pull spoke before, I have just taken it down to my LBS, to be told that those spokes are no longer made.

Has anyone else found this to be the case?

Many thanks.


  • pawlfreehub
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    Last time I needed a straight pull spoke they were near impossible to find, I took a standard spoke longer than needed, lopped the bend off, heated it up to cherry red (using one of those kitchen mini blowlamps for doing the creme brulee things to minimise the heat affected area), riveted the end to an approximation of the correct shape and fitted it.
    It's still going strong over a year later.
  • oldwelshman
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    I just went to LBS and they had to order spokes for my cosmos wheels but had to order pack of 12 !!! I did not get any spares for rear wheel due to two lengths so will either improvise or get new shimano cheap wheel when spokes go.
  • Monty Dog
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    The spokes are probably available, but your LBS is reluctant to buy a box to replace 1 spoke. Try contacting Specialized UK
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..