tyre pressure gauge - on pump vs separate

Courage Monsieur
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Hi All

Sure many of you know this anyway but thought I'd share a recent discovery.

I've been relying on my footpump pressure gauge (mainly a Beto, another was a Joe Blow) but I've recently bought a digital gauge from Halfords for my motorbike.

This conveniently has a bicycle valve option too and I was shocked to realise my footpump is 10, maybe 15 psi out. Or maybe the digi gauge is out, but you see where I'm coming from...

It's tricky as often a 120 max psi tyre feels super firm when inflated to a 105 reading on the footpump, but it seems there's room to grow. Anyway, I'm sticking to the digi one for now. Might be worth investing in one if these things matter to you? Plus it's cool getting a reading of 114.5psi. Racing precision. :)



  • FatLarry
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    Plus it's cool getting a reading of 114.5psi. Racing precision.

    Cool but, hey, maybe they're both wrong... :shock:
  • Yeah, I know. :lol: What now? Maybe get a more expensive one...

    The digi one tallies with a petrol forecourt gauge. Though it's only for 18psi.
  • ride_whenever
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    just use a manometer, old skool reliability.

    OOOooooo, in fact I might commandeer a calibrated pressure guage from the lab and rig something up...