Removing a KMC X10 10 speed chain

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I've searched for this but cannot seem to find an easy answer. I'm trying to remove my KMC DX10SC chain which has one of those 'Missing links' in it. Assymetrical, it would appear to even a non-engineer like myself that once I've de-tensioned the chain, pushing the two ends of the link in towards each other should seperate it. Not so. :evil: I've given it a good clean but for reasons I do not understand, cannot get it to seperate. I've got spare missing links and a chain tool in my toolkit but not a spare chain. Besides, I thought this link was supposed to make chain splitting/fitting easy!??

Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Zendog1
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    Quote from instructions - I've just bought my first KMC so not tried it yet.

    "Opening: Press both plates of the missing link together while sliding the chain ends together."

    Zinn says if this does'nt work squeeze the plates gently with pliars.
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    Get a pair of these, pretty cheap compared with the Park Tools equivalent. ... liers.html
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    KMC do a pair of chainlink pliers too. Sometimes they release easily and other times a veritable pain - I find applying a side load to the chain whilst pushing the 2 ends together helps. Of the last 4 KMC chains I've used, 2 of the chainlinks have failed - I might look at alternatives.
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    You don't just push the two end together, you also have to squeeze the two sides together too.
    Lots of waggling about helps as well !
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    Give the link a good spray with WD40 to ensure it's properly clean. When really clean it's real easy, any dirt in there and it'll be a bitch to unfasten.
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  • Simon Notley
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    Yep, you have squeeze it. And WD40 isn't a bad idea either.
  • Mettan
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    If you're totally stuck, get of pair of chain-link pliers - easy to use, reliable - makes the job a doddle - I use them on my KMC chains.
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    Stupid question: How do I find said link? Need to change my chain next week.
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  • Mettan
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    Good article here, Disgruntled:

    Shows the link bit clearly - and shows the Pliers in use.
  • GavH
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    Mettan wrote:
    If you're totally stuck, get of pair of chain-link pliers - easy to use, reliable - makes the job a doddle - I use them on my KMC chains.

    Went with this option - £7 well spent! The link came undone STRAIGHT AWAY with the pliers. Perfect.