problem after taking wheel off

rbirkett Posts: 65
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I took the rear wheel off to repair a puncture and since ive put it back on, the gears jump violently from one to the other making it near impossible to ride

How can this be resolved. Ta


  • Frank the tank
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    Is the wheel sitting properly in the drop outs (squarely) and the quick release tight.
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  • alfablue
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    If the gears were indexed correctly before, then as above, it sounds like it isn't placed in the dropouts squarely. It is best to achieve this by having the weight of the bike on the wheel and pilling the wheel fully backwards before tightening the quick release. If you reinsert the wheel without the bike standing on it, it is tricky to get it sitting squarely.
  • rbirkett
    rbirkett Posts: 65
    I just got another turn on the quick release but would such a small thing such as that effect it in that way?
  • alfablue
    alfablue Posts: 8,497
    Not wishing to be rude, but are you using the quick release correctly? Have a look at this video

    There is more info there than you need but it includes the pertinent points.
  • justresting
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    if your wheei is re installed correctly the brake blocks should be in just the same position relative to the wheel rim as they were before. Thats what I usually go by.
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