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Hey, was wondering if you guys could help me. 10 of us have booked up for some riding at Les gGets in early July but duno how to get there. Were travelling from northeast england and the majority of the group are wanting to drive. I thought flying would be a better and easier option although a little more expensive.
Does anyone have any experience travelling from up North? And which way would be better?
The only flights i can seem to find from newcastle are connecting flights which im not really too bothered about but does anyone know if flying with your bike and gear is too much hassle?
Also, does anyone know anything about how to get from Geneva airport to Les Gets? Are there usually some kind of large taxis you can get with your bike? And are they expensive?

Anything advise will be much apreciated


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    Flown once and drove once.

    Wont be driving again, 14 odd hours from Cardiff, got to be a few more from where you are. Also by the time you pay fuel and road tolls it cost us about the same as flying (about £100 each) and we had a fuel card for free diesel as long as we were in the UK.

    I've seen the odd internet banner offering tranfers from Geneva to Morzine for 35euro's I think but the place we stay with pick us up.

    Fly with BA, they make everything really easy and were much cheaper than Sleazy jet with all their costs for "extras" like fucking air to breath.

    Only downside is obvisouly not having a motor to use down there, but you can litteraly ride a DH bike everywhere as long as the lifts are open. Just makes carrying beers from the supermarket tricky (and a bit of a laugh).
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    i think ill have to find some better flights because were traveling around England to pick the other lads up so its going to be even longer.
    Do you have to pre book the taxi transfers from the airport?
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    wilkfam wrote:
    i think ill have to find some better flights because were traveling around England to pick the other lads up so its going to be even longer.
    Do you have to pre book the taxi transfers from the airport?

    Yes if I were you I'd have a good look at flights, even if you have to go to bloody heathrow to fly it isn't the end of the world. I would defo pre-book tranfers, you're crossing boarders and all sorts, a normal taxi probably wouldn't take you, especially as you'll need a Van.

    I no nothing about these guys, but google threw up this

    Have a good one, for us MTB'ers it really is as good as people say.
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    Hi there,

    rrtransfers are rolling road road transfers, an english couple who live out there, in sj jean d'aulps, which is about 10 mins in the car from les gets. i seem to remember they charge around £60 for airport pickups, winter rates that is. not too sure about the sumer rates if theyre different. there are buses which run from geneva airport to thonon where you change to morzine, havent actually taken one myself as i usually hire a car in winter. as for taxis, the swiss arent known for their cheapness so unless if you're up for remorgaging your house i would avoid with a bargepole!

    my parents drove across in a transit van and it took them around 16 hours, they stayed in a forumla 1 about half way through france to break the journey up. was looking at doing the drive myself this summer but the missus has a new job and cant get summer off work. damn! where abouts are you travelling from? i mapped it out from hull on google maps and on my satnav and both took me to the eurotunnel and then straight down the autoroute anglaises pretty much dead straight south to geneva and then you can either keep on the motorway or turn off and got the a road, usually go that way myslef from the airport. have you all got sorted with accomadation as we have an appartment we rent out druing summer and winter and have some weeks going empty.

    i will try and find a contact number for rolling road as they do discounts for residents in st jean so might be able to blag something for you.

    if you need anything else then just pm me

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    Have you sorted out accomodation yet ?

    When we stayed in Les gets the chalet we stayed in was able to sort out picking us up as well . This was a general service that allot of the chalets are able to do so may be worth asking where you stay.

    Also they had loads of info and can probably guide you if they cannot do it themselves.
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    Im driving out there early June.
    I find it more convienent as my bikes can be locked in the van and i don t have to worry about my luggage weight on the plane.
    Obviously it takes longer to get there (about 2 days) but its all part of the holiday for me.
    The French roads are a pleasure to drive on as-well not like our cloged up motorways!! :D
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    Might be cheaper to hire someone to drive you.

    There's a company down here (Surrey) that does that. If enough of you go, it works out pretty cheaply. You basically hire the van and driver, pay for his/her food/accommodation, obviously.

    You don't get stuck with excess baggage fees or owt.
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    i used in the winter - might be worth checking with them to see if they run a summer outfit too - highly recommended if they do
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    It's only 8 hours for me (brussels) so an easy decision

    for you I'd be tempted to take bump's advice and make the drive part of the holiday. Drive to Kent and get on the chunnel (check it out; early morning is cheap as) then drive into Champagne for the day, find a small champagne house (not one of the names you recognise, they're all just as pricey as home) and stock up on real champers fr 9-15 euros a bottle. Stay the night and take advantage of generous tastings.

    Drive on the next day, all the way there ifg you can or book a F1 motel somewhere near Geneva or something and then get up the mountain first thing in the morning.

    On the way back either recharge with champers "for personal use" or pick some other region to go through and get some red or what.

    The flatter bits of france are fun too!
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    davydesign wrote:
    i used in the winter - might be worth checking with them to see if they run a summer outfit too - highly recommended if they do

    Powdercab only do winter I'm afraid, but ski-lifts offer a summer service at a similar price.

    I always go on the overnight ferry from amsterdam when I'm driving over (live in Newcastle) you land around 10 am and are usually in resort around 10pm even if traffic is very bad.
    I wouldn't recommend travelling the length of England and gettign a short ferry crossing unless you have pleny of people to share driving.

    Cost wise it is almost always roughly £300 each way by car whether I go through Amsterdam or Calais. 2 litre turbo doing about 25 to the gallon. Flights will be more expensive but if your all departing different places it's likely easier to meet up at Geneva.

    Enjoy your stay :-)