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Orange SubZero - edit: and alternative options!

MancunianfightingcatMancunianfightingcat Posts: 2,054
edited May 2009 in MTB general
First off, sorry if this has been done before, but search indicates that it hasn't!

I've currently got the 3 bikes listed in my sig, but the Stumpy's not much more than just a frame now and the Kenesis hardly ever gets a look in.
Anyway, I'm very tempted to get an Orange SubZero to use on shorter rides and for general messing about on. (and also to relearn the art of using flatties!)

I was just after feedback off anyone who has one or has had use of one?
I'm not after an all day xc bike as I've got the 5 for that, but would it be OK for a 2 hour ride with a few climbs incorporated?

Any comments will be gratefully received!


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