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I ride an MTB however, i would like to replace it with a road bike seeing as i live in london. I want a bike to use everyday and i want it to last for a long time. I want it to be light, comfortable and have good specs. I don't know where to look or what to look for. I'm also doing a 200 mile ride soon and so i would like it to be fitting for that too. My budget is upto £650. If i could get a deal on a 2008 bike that would be ideal. Please feel free to give suggestions. (I'm around 1.75-1.8m)

Thanks alot


P.S. Is the Saracen Tour 3 2008 Road Bike £499, a good deal? Would it last long? And how long would the Shimano Sora gears last for?


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    I like Focus bikes and this would be good for a commuter.

    Hav e alok on the Bike radar reviews in the 500-750 range there are loads of ideas, Giants, Treks and Specialised amongst others.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. However, i would prefer a slightly cheaper bike as i am on a budget. What about the saracen (see above)? Also what should i be looking out for? What makes one bike better than the other if they have the same materials and gears?


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    I read a review about the boardman comp 08 however, the 09 model is the only one avilable. It's £650. ... 65710#dtab

    The specs look better than most bikes in that price range for exapmle the gears are shimano tiagra and 105.

    Would you suggest this bike?

    Thanks a lot

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    Trek 1.2 is not a bad bike
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    jteighty wrote:
    I read a review about the boardman comp 08 however, the 09 model is the only one avilable. It's £650.

    The spec is really good for the money. I would definatly recommend it as I have the team 09. Boardmans are great bikes for the money.

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    looks like they only have 53cm left