God bless Shimano

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I just wanted to express my jubilation at getting a 7 gear derailleur working on a 9 speed cassette with a 9 speed shifter. Saved me a fair amount of money (for me anyhow) at a time when I need every penny. :D


  • supersonic
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    Aye, they all work! I use a mid 90s XTR mech!
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    Bet you cant get a 7 speed shifter to work with a 9 speed cassette

    Had a guy bring me his bike he had fitted a new cassette and chain but he couldnt get it to change gear properly I had to gently explain the difference between 7 and 9 speed
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  • redvee
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    When I KO'd the frame on my Kona, I ran an el cheapo Shimano hangerfit mech on my 7 speed cassette with a friction shifter for a week or two till I got hold of a frame repair nut.
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  • thomasali
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    I use latest XTR shifters, with Dura Ace 7700 rear mech, Ultegra 12-27 cassette and a SLX front mech on one bike. On another bike I have 8sp xt shifters, latest XT rear mech, 8sp XTR ti 11-30 cassette and a XTR 952 front mech. Another I have latest XT shifters, Ultegra 10sp rear mech, Ultegra 12-27 cassette and a XTR 952 front mech. All these combos work flawlessly! All on MTBs BTW.
  • Vegeeta
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    I once got a Shimano mech to work that was missing the main spring!
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  • Chaz.Harding
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    The mech's work independantly, so any will work on any system, providing that, 1) the rise clears the sprockets, and 2) the chain actually fits!
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