Spacers for Ultegra 10spd + Mavic Ksyrium (again)

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I am fitting a 12-27 Ultegra cassette to a Ksyrium Elite. The wheel came with no spacers. The cassette came with one spacer about 2mm thick and another thinner one that appears more like a washer and is about 1mm or less. Reading previous threads started by S.WOODY and GAVH and others, it appears I may need both in order to tighten cassette properly (certaily doesn't work with thin one only) Q: the thicker spacer has three indentations which face outwards to the cassette - do these serve a purpose or does it not matter which side I put the thinner spacer?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if I don't ask things generally go horribly wrong in the long run!


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    If your 'three indentation' spacer looks like this
    then it's the Mavic M10 Shimano spacer which should come with the wheels, allowing you to fit a Shimano cassette to a Mavic M10 hub.

    If you were fitting a 8 or 9sp Shimano cassette, that's all you'd need.

    But as you're fitting 10sp, you also need the thinner spacer which should have come with the cassette - Shimano 10sp cassettes are narrower than 8sp or 9sp so need this spacer unless you fit them to a Shimano 10sp only hub.

    So yes, you'll need both. Doesn't matter which way round, just drop them onto the hub first, then put the cassette on, then the locknut.
  • Excellent - thank you so much!