What is the Merida equivalent to the 08' Fury?

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I know people on here say that the carrera and merida frames are made in the same factory.

I was wondering, what best matches the carrera fury 08' to the merida in terms of spec?

This is the merida with the same forks (but the rest of the spec is way better with Hayes brakes etc, so not at all a like-for-like comparison):


or I this:


What do you think?


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    Merida is a frame vendor to many brands - they design it and use Meridas facilities which are probabloy the best in the business.

    No real direct comparison in the bikes. Halfords distribute and deal, so cut a portion of the price off.
  • It is true that Merida make a lot of other manufacturers bikes eg Specz etc. As for them designing them - that one is open to debate.

    However your question was which is better - no question I'd say - Merida over Halforads everythime. Why ?

    Halfords post sales support is very patchy and from experiance of several friends I'd not ever take my bike there.

    Support your LBC - much better than supporting some large national company that creames the profits

    Meridas are very well spec'd for the price - a few of my mates ride them and I have a Merida built Specz frame and all of us rate them highly. They do very well in the MTB mag reviews too.

    Well just a few thoughts. :D
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    Depends on your local dealer I suppose. And some Halfords are fine.
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    Yup, some of my local dealers are honking, my local halfords on the other hand is really good, or at least inasmuch as any bike supermarket can be.

    It's easy to say buy Merida to support your LBS, but the bottom line is that you're treating your LBS as a charity- The Matts 60-D frinstance costs around the £500-£600 mark and is on approximately the same overall level of spec as the Carrera Kraken at £400. Is your LBS so great that you'll pay 50% extra for a bike?

    I guess to answer the question, the Matts Trail 500-D is their closest equivalent to the Fury. It comes with a worse fork, comparable drivetrain, MUCH worse wheels, and costs £680. I've never paid any attention to one in the flesh but going by the pics the finishing kit is also cheaper than the Fury's.
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  • Thanks all,

    I was just wondering whether there were any close matches, but it does seem they are in completely different markets and not comparable.

    I thought there could have been something like you have in the car industry, whereby, you could say that some Skoda's/Leon's are basically the same as Volkswagen's in some respects, but cheaper.

    I thought that the Fury might have been say the skoda of bikes. :oops:

    All of what I am saying is debatable I know, but was just pondering that's all. I can see now that there are further differences in them (most obviously: ---the cheaper mass-production/mass-consumption model of Halfords versus the more flexible/customisable/ and a lot more bikes to choose from of the Post-Fordist/postmodern production methods of Merida. And the distribution system as well LBS verus Mass market retailer.
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    Carrera and Merida are NOT made in the same factory! Halfords stopped using Merida for the Carreras years ago, I remember when we had the sale to clear all the old merida made stuff! GT are made by Merida and so are Specialized, also high end Saracens plus many more. Also I wouldnt say Merida are the best in the business! Had a fair few gts and carreras come back with broken frames or stupid stuff like rubbish paint or a magnesium frame thats supposed to weigh 1.2kg weighing in at 1.8kg.........or meridas with pivots welded on the wrong side, leading to cracking. I have read Merida is one of the cheapest places to get your bike frame built and thats why so many companies use Merida, although Giant is the biggest provider of frames.
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    My GT is not made by Merida. But all manufacturers have some problems occasionly, Giant make some cheap stuff too.

    Interestingly the Carrera Kraken and the Merida Matts 300 (2008) have exactly the same machined dropouts....
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    Worked in a GT dealer for years, and now work in a Specialized dealer. The GTs turn up in a Merida box. Specialized turn up in the same boxes. Which GT go you have? Also I have noticed my Rocky Mountain CXD has the same drops outs as a couple of Dawes, and they are not from the same factory. Many bits like that are generic and are used by various factories. Also as I worked in a top Halfords up until recently, I was able to check the factories the stuff was coming from.....
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    Merida have a pretty big stake in Spesh - infact they may have more than 50% now.

    My alu zaskar was made in Santa Ana, California, the Ruckus by Giant, and the Carbon Team from a vendor in Asia (but not merida)
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    merida and halfords/carrera fell out a few years ago.
    who cares?
  • I would say the TFS trail 700 is very similar to the fury, frame wise very strong and designed for the same type of riding also same forks as the fury.
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    I have a Trail 700-D and from what I can see of the Carrera pics the Merida has much more forming/shaping in the tubes and probably a more relaxed geometry (although I do run mine with a 140mm Rev and short stem), it's also pretty light (not sure on the Carrera). The Carrera looks a decent spec and might well ride nicely but it's a big leap to say it's very similar to the Trail 700-D, unless you also include every other alu hard tail MTB designed to take a 130-140mm fork...