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Another newb mtb advice please, budget of up to 400.



  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Those Suns do basically the exact same job as the 317s, wouldn't give it a second thought myself.
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  • fred1starfred1star Posts: 428
    Sounds like I'm a bit late but if there are others out there looking for a great £400 bike you cant beat this... ... x-09-34500
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    I'd rather censored a smurf than spend £400 on a bike with a Dart 1 fork :shock: Maybe it's just the shape of things to come but that's horrible.
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  • TimmaaTimmaa Posts: 10
    supersonic wrote:
    Both great value. The Fury has a longer fork, the hopper a more conservative ride, but if you like the fit and feel, both are just about the best in their class spec and value wise.
    Hi supersonic,
    After a long time away from biking (I've got a 1989/1990 RockHopper with a dodgy crank in my Mum's shed at home!!), I came across an opportunity to buy a brand new Rockhopper 2008 with v brakes for £350 and couldn't resist. I'm hoping I haven't made the wrong choice!
    What do you mean by 'conservative ride'? Other than the forks, is there any other big differences in spec? I'm going to be doing a fair proportion of road riding so maybe a tighter ride is more important than travel in the forks.
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