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Orange Patriot Rear Suspension upgrade headache !!! Help!!!!

Robo1977Robo1977 Posts: 7
edited April 2009 in MTB buying advice
I'm wanting to upgrade my old Fox Coil Spring Shock on my 1999 Patriot Frame, think it's a 99 but not sure so help in ageing it would be helpful too !!
I've been updateing it with Hope Disk Brakes / Revelation U Turn Forks and Mavic 729 Disk specific Rims as I love the Frame.
I think it has 5inches of rear travel but not sure , anyone know ?
The eye to eye is 190mm what stroke lenght would I need ? I'm thinking 50mm??
Air or Coil is my problem either thinking a RockShox 4.2 Monarch / Fox RP23 (Air or a Fox Van R (Coil) or open to suggestions. What is best Air or Coil ????


  • Your style of riding matters as much as your budget. I'm guessing your going for downhill/freeride/aggresive XC style of riding, but thats a guess. Budgetwise, I'm guessing you'll pay whatever within reason. Fair assumptions?
    For air, I like the Fox RP23, but thats my 2p's worth.

    If you want plush suspension, go for coil. If you want adjustability, go for air.
    jedster wrote:
    Just off to contemplate my own mortality and inevitable descent into decrepedness.
    FCN 3 or 4 on road depending on clothing
    FCN 8 off road because I'm too old to go racing around.
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    Try contacting Orange to see if they can help with regards to sizing. I would imagine they could date the bike from the serial number.
  • Robo1977Robo1977 Posts: 7
    Hi mate,
    Nice bikes and yep fair and accurate assumptions. How the hell do I attach images ??
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