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K850i help

jpstarjpstar Posts: 561
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I was given a second hand Sony Ericsson K850i. Only problem is that the memory card (M2 512mb) doesnt register in the phone. When i turn on the phone there is no memory card reading in the summary section and in the "My files" section, the memory card section comes up "No memory card inserted". This is really bugging me because i like the phone and its not working properly.

I was just wondering if anyone knows how to help fix it or has had a similar experience and what they did with or to the phone.

Many thanks for any advice or help given


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,547
    Most likely a buggered memory card. See if you can borrow another one from somewhere to test.
  • grandad3grandad3 Posts: 322
    put the memory card in the fridge all night, then try it :D
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