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Which forks buy for Merlin Malt4? Please help!!

denispearldenispearl Posts: 152
edited April 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello there.
I have an excellent Merlin Malt 4 frame in white, and am now looking for the best forks option for it. Please, please could anyone advise me on which one to buy? – ie Which ones needs less service?

Im looking for either new or used forks with U-turn and lock options. White forks would be better, but Id consider black as a possibility. I’m a huge fan of rock shox products, but if there are any better brands out there, which ones would you recommend?

I don’t really do much downhill cycling, but I pretty much cycle everywhere – so Im hoping to keep within a suspension budget of £400. Any advice in this area would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks :roll:
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