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Merlin Malt 2 (05) - Suspension & Brakes

VertaVerta Posts: 24
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Hope you lot can help me with this... I am looking to strip down my bike this weekend as it's been a while since I gave it a good clean and I usually take it to my LBS to have any work done on it, this time I fancy having a go myself but I'm not sure on a few things.

1) Suspension - The forks fitted to my Malt 2 are Marzocchi MX Comp ETA's (05 model), I need to adjust the sag and rebound on them - I know I'm going to need a shock pump (I'll pick one up on the weekend) but other than that I'm not sure what I need or what to do. I have emailed Marzocchi's tech department asking for info but they haven't got back to me! Do any of you have experience with these forks?

2) Disc Brakes - The brakes I have fitted are Shmano Deore Hydraulic's (2005 - I can't find the model number for them), I would like to bleed the system and put some new fluid in as they feel a bit squidgy and have never had the fluid replaced (naughty, I know) but I can't find much relating to these brakes at all, let alone any guides showing me how to do it - they are all for the new model of Deore disks (2006 onwards) so I'm a bit stumped, do any of you know how to bleed these disks?

Last but not least, if I haven't described the brakes enough to determine the proper model, here is a picture of my bike to (hopefully) determine what they are:


Thanks :)


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