Tips for keeping seatpost in place and quiet

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Always having problems with my fat butt pushing correctly torqued posts down the seat tube...

Going to try a thin application of RTV sealant on the post as it will dry to a thin insulating rubber layer between the post and tube and should help it stay still and stop any creaking.

Any other tips people have tried before I waste my RTV? :)


  • Al_38
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    If either frame or post are carbon then I'd try some of the carbon 'grease' increases friction between the two surfaces. If they are both metal then try copper grease. You could also do the bolt up a tiny bit tighter.
  • Kléber
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    Assuming it's carbon, often it's the laquer on the post that makes it so smooth.

    So use fine sand paper. Remove the post and on the part of it that sits inside the frame, especially the bit that sits under the clamp/collar, sand it. To do this Just roll some paper around the post and then turn the post a bit to score some fine marks, doing this horizontally on the post is better than vertically. Remember, you are only seeking to score the lacquer, avoid sanding down to the carbon.