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Magnetic therapy bracelts for bad backs/sports recovery

brockfishbrockfish Posts: 3
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I had a very bad back and sciatica for about 6 months after years of being a courier. I tried physios, chiroprators, heat packs, ice packs, yoga, an inversion table(which i've still got); walking, baths. you name it!

NOthing really sorted me out until i came across magnotherapy. Someone recommended wearing a magnetic bracelet and using a magnetic healing pad directly on my back.I was very skeptical, but it worked! the pain subsided greatly within a few days and has almost disappeared altogether now after about 6 weeks. All you have to do is wear them, that's it. I spent a fortune on all the treatment leading up to this - no more.

Which means that i can live a normal life agin; which is superb. I wasn't able to get out on the bike for along time; but now it feels great. i I even play golf regularly now - no complaints.

Anyway, i know for a fact that magnotherapy is very good with sports recovery.Also arthritis/circulation and head/neck problems. There are many thousands of testimonials (other than mine! - to back this up).

Therefore, I would recommend this option to anyone. It worked for me. Just thought i'd post this; if anyone is interested.

Has anyone else had any experience with trying this?

All the best



  • FurkukFurkuk Posts: 71
    Wow, you should be in advertising :wink:
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  • deadliestdeadliest Posts: 471
    Im sold where do I buy one ? :lol:
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  • I've tried brass bracelets on my wrist after I broke it playing rugby. It did seem to stop it aching.

    The pain has been coming back so i've been tempted by a magnetic one. only really herd good things.
  • stucowpstucowp Posts: 11
    I have been wearing a Trion:z bracelet for 2 years now and have never been ill in all that time, coincidence perhaps maybe. I also use a chiropracter once every 6 weeks which i rate highly, but some people say doesn't work at all. Again maybe it's not for everyone or maybe it's not as good a doctor.
  • Link
    Looks like he got bored after posting on four forums!

    It's quite funny that he posted on a pet forum about his bad back!
  • punctureboypunctureboy Posts: 217
    this is something i've been thinking about trying, but blatent advertising, as rampage rightly points out, always makes me more sceptical. especially when your post count clearly implies that you joined the forum to sell your wares.
  • FurkukFurkuk Posts: 71
    Looks like my first impression was right. Professional advertisement :shock:
    Bet he has never even rode a bike
    Now the owner of a GT Aggressor XC 3
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    so why has no one reported this?


    But i use magnets in my shoes and for other Wellness issues.
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  • elliebellieb Posts: 436
    Does anyone think these will cure swine flu? hey its gotta be worth a try :wink:

    don't panic
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