Travelling to Whistler

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I'm hoping to travel to whistler later on this year for my 40th birthday.

I'd be gratefull for any tips regarding who to fly with, who to stay with, should I take my DH bike, that sort of thing.

Thanks in advance.


  • P-Jay
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    I'm trying to plan the same thing.

    Candian Affair seem to be the cheapest way to fly, at about £400-£500, BUT if you can wait till September (which is meant to be a really nice time to go) BA's prices drop from about £800 to £400, and I'd fly BA every time given the choice, they just make the pain of flying with bikes so easy.

    IMHO If you've got a choice of ride to take, go big. I'm going to take my Shocker and rent a lighter bike for a day to two if I fancy some more XC stuff.

    I don't know everything yet though, we're waiting until we get back from Morzine in July before we book (to make sure everything is still attached).
  • Can't offer any advice on the biking, but regarding travel I have to agree that BA will be the best way to go.

    I've been to Calgary three times now and flew with Monarch for my sins each time, and I really have to say that it is a utter pants service!

    We even paid £80 for the extra legroom seats, food is diabolical, entertainment is almost non-existent and the staff really don't appear to give a crap even whilst they are overcharging us by about 300% for drinks and snacks. (I guess I'm just lucky enough to be used to flying Virgin!)

    Anyway, I've heard that the BA flight is SOOOOOO much more comfortable, much more professional service and you don't get off at the other end in such a filthy mood because you've just spent 10 hours being roasted by a cheap, tacky airline!

    (Having said that, I'm sure that as soon as you get there you'll forget all about it and have one awesome time!)

    Have fun! :)