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Cycle computers

WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
edited May 2009 in The Crudcatcher
Anyone actually use one on their mtb - use one on the roadie, but not on my mtb, but was thinking of doing so in the dry summer months.
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  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    I use it mainly just to record mileage. Just a bit more interest at the end of the year when you add it all up and combine with total ascent... But you should put a third option of
    Meh... sometimes do, sometime dont.... :lol:
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  • grandad3grandad3 Posts: 322
    I feel lost without one and its not a satnav :lol:

    Used one for years on the road, then when got mtb got one on that aswell, very useful arn't they?
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Yeah, needs a "meh" option. I've got one on my commuter all the time, to keep me attacking the commute rather than just rolling to work, but I've not got one on the mtb yet. Might add one at some point.
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    I used to use one all the time but it was too stressful. 12.9 mph ? Must go faster...must go faster...
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    I used one and would struggle without it now.
    Just under 2000 miles clocked up on it so far since last July.
  • GraydawgGraydawg Posts: 673
    Had one on my old bike but can't be ar$ed with the clutter on the bars and fork - lol

    I'm a bit OCD like that..... :roll:
    It's been a while...
  • fwb2006fwb2006 Posts: 212
    Seriously thinking about getting one of the satmap active 10's
  • Robmanic1Robmanic1 Posts: 2,150
    It's a vital piece of bragging equipment for the pub, especially if you add the "bullshit factor" on.
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  • Chaz.HardingChaz.Harding Posts: 3,144
    Use one on my roadie, but it's a Polar HR moniter, with a gps add-on. Lets me see (after I finish) how far, altitude, speed etc, and is quite accurate.

    Good as a training aid. So far, since mid February, I've clocked up 911 miles. Unfortunately, I don't commute, so thats purely training miles. Need to be considerably more dedicated me thinks...
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  • myopicmyopic Posts: 692
    use a gps to record mileage if its a route I haven't done before, otherwise happy just to get on with it and max speed etc doesn't matter.
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  • dav1dav1 Posts: 1,298
    i like mine, use a GPS one on my phone if I want to track the route, or my cateye strada wireless any other time.

    I always like to know the distance and average speed over a ride
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  • fred1starfred1star Posts: 428
    Great while out on mtb training rides. Mine has a handy little arrow that indicates whether you are below or above average speed. Always trying to keep arrow pointing up...
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  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    I used to use one all the time but it was too stressful. 12.9 mph ? Must go faster...must go faster...
    Convert it to km/h. You'll see the number 20 very often. :lol:

    I use one and I can't imagine going for a bigger ride without it.
    It's fun to see how fast you're going especialy on the descents.
    Average on the uphill, and measuring time on the downhill runs.
  • elPedro666elPedro666 Posts: 1,060
    Really like to see how far/slowly I've been going, and at six quid from Somerfield(!) for a neat cordless jobby that's been faultless (river, Jet wash, washing machine...) can't fault it!

    I also find it very useful for navigating to know how far I've travelled.
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