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London - Brighton

chrishoo5chrishoo5 Posts: 53
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Hi All.
I'll be doing the London - Brighton next year (baby due near this years!) what's the best ride to do it on? I'm thinking a nice light hardtail, possibly with slicks... but would FS or even a road bike be better?


  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    Hi mate,

    You'll get your best time on a road bike, or a ultra-light XC bike with slicks..

    However, having done it in 2008 (and will be again this year) people of all shapes and sizes do the L2B on every different kind of bike..

    Last year, me and a mate did it on our jump bikes.. (Kona scab and a Spesh P3 respectively, both Singlespeed).. took us ages, but we had a laugh, and got there in the end!

    Good luck anyway, this year I'll be more prepared on my Spesh Epic, I'll probably be running Semi-slicks :)

    (To be fair, it thats your Stumpy in your sig, you'll do just fine on that!!) :)
  • chrishoo5chrishoo5 Posts: 53
    Cool, thanks for that. I'll try some slicks on the stumpy and see how they roll, otherwise I might build a carbon hardtail later this year in prep for it.
    Good luck this year, wish I could do it.
  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    Thanks, I can't wait, not long to go now!

    As above, having seen people cross the line on bikes that looked suitable for the scrapheap, and considering what I did it on, I think you'll be in a fine position with either the Stumpy or a carbon HT..

    Just a warning.. haha, Beacon Hill feels like its never going to end! Whatever you choose though, have fun, its a very rewarding day out on the bike!
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    i did it in 07 on my enduro!! i manged it. in pain though!
    I said hit the brakes not the tree!!

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