Touching up marks on frames.

Rich K47
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Despite my best efforts my Cervelo R3 is picking up a few minor marks and scratches. What's the best way of touching these up? It's white so even tiny scuffs seem to very obvious, to me at least. All advice gratefully received as I've never had a bike where it's bothered me before!


  • Wappygixer
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    Unless you can get an identical match I'd be tempted to leave them.Their are so many shades of white available, get the wrong one it will will always look like a dirty mark and stand out anyway.
    I hate knocks and scratches but you learn to live with them
  • gundersen
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    You could mail the company and ask for the colour code.
    Then anybody could mix the right colour for you.
  • Pokerface
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    My white Trek ell over and I gouged the frame badly. Got some touch up paint from Halfords (automotive stuff) to fill in the scratch.

    Then covered it over with a small sticker! Maybe not the best for your bike - but you can certainly see if you can find matching touch up paint.

    Or just leave it. There will be more scratches to come....
  • Ash_
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    White bike?

    Toothpaste will do the trick! Seriously, see below:

    Of course, you'll pick up other minor scratches, and others and others... It might be better just to embrace them as part of your bike's 'character' (something the author of the article suggests also).
  • Kléber
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    Toothpaste is ok but it will wash out in time. Some car wax is a good idea, it will help.