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Apologies if there have been previous postson this but Imstruggling to find advice on how toeliminate the play on my Ultegre cassette.The cassette move very slightly laterally underpressure and result in a lod clicking sound when freewheeling in certain positions.Any advice on how to sort this? The wheels are Easton Circuits. Many thanks.


  • maddog 2
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    sounds like you need a washer/spacer

    is this 10spd?
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    Are the wheels old, done alot of miles?
    Does the wheel move from side a side a little?
    With the wheel out of the bike can you feel the play in the cassette?

    The play and clicking sounds a bit like the freehub bearings which putsd the freehub pawls in the wrong angle.
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    Thanks for your replies - It is a 9-spd Ultegra cassette and yes the cassette does move when the wheel is out of the frame. The wheels are about two yrs old and have not done a massive amount of mileage.

    Soshould i be looking to replace the bearings? I've never noticed the movement before and the sound has certainly never been there.
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    Just sounds like it needs a very slightly wider spacer...
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    Are you sure its the cassette thats moving and not the whole freehub?
    Try removing the cassette and see if play exists in the freehub.
    If the movement and sounds have only just started I'd be looking at bearings rather than spacers.If a spacer was needed it would have been required from the off I would have thought.